Everybody knows that power supply industry has entered the era of meager profit. With the fast development of consumer electronics and the establishment of mature industry chain, customers become fastidious and care about cost more than ever. However, the electronic technique is getting more and more complex, and the research cost increases almost every day. These factors indicate that in the power supply industry, cheaper but technically more complicated products should be developed in a shorter time than before.

Given this, our R&D team adopts concurrent engineering methodology to bring out new products in a very short time, and the followings are our research principles.
1. The research should be focused on product performance, economic efficiency, explicit cost and implicit cost, and target cost is taken as the measuring rule.
2. The research is market-oriented rather than meaningless type, thus cutting down R&D cost.
3. Do everything from the point of customer to make consecutive progress.
4. What customers need is exactly what we want, and our research should fully meet the market demand.
5. Closed loop quality management is for failure analysis, and customer complaint should be rationally handled.
6. Aside from technical research, there are other aspects that deserve our attention, such as price, quality, delivery, service, efficiency, attitude, etc.