Development History

1. From 1987 to 2004, we were focused on manufacturing power inverter, AC automatic voltage regulator, uninterruptible power supply and low-voltage electrical component (including miniature circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, earth leakage circuit breaker, AC contactor, industrial power plug and socket, electric bell, cable clip, cable tie, push button, indicator light and others). These products were mainly exported to other countries with the help of import and export company.

2. In 2002, we registered PROSTAR (trademark and logo) and STABIMATIC (trademark) in mainland China.

3. One year later, we registered PROFLEX (trademark) and SUPERIOR (trademark) in mainland China.

4. In the year of 2004, Beijing Prostar International Electric Co., Ltd. came into existence, and it was the first private enterprise that was approved to deal with foreign trade in Beijing.

5. In 2005, an energy saving product for motors, namely variable frequency drive (VFD), was successfully developed. In the same year, it was sold to Iran, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Mexico, Russia and other countries.

6. In 2006, PROSTAR brand was registered by us worldwide. The VFD was exported in containers, and the high frequency online UPS successfully made its breakthrough in foreign markets, such as Turkey, Chile, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Bulgaria, Finland, Russia, etc.

7. In 2007, the low frequency pure sine wave power inverter was independently developed by us, while we enriched our high frequency modified sine wave power inverter, high frequency modified sine wave power inverter with charger, high frequency sine wave power inverter, high frequency sine wave power inverter with charger and low frequency square wave power inverter. Meanwhile, we also began to step into solar and wind power generation fields.

8. In 2008, PROFELX brand was registered by us in different countries and regions. The deep cycle maintenance free battery was exported to Nigeria in large amount, thus setting a new opening in the African market. At the same time, we realized mass production for low frequency pure sine wave power inverter, and this product entered the world market along with the deep cycle maintenance free battery, realizing large-scale exportation to Haiti, Panama, Dominica, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc.

9. In 2009, we put emphasis on the sales of voltage stabilizer, and we named some authorized agents in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries. Moreover, the battery charger and step-up & down transformer developed in this very year were highly praised by customers in Australia, Europe and America.

10. After three years of research, our new energy products, especially the solar power systems, were mature enough to deliver desired performance, and they were exported to some countries in containers in 2010.

11. In 2011, our products and solutions got more and more mature, resulting in steady growth in every market. Our authorized agents progressed well in their countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Finland, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Madagascar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, etc.

12. In 2012, depending on the market requirements, we developed high power low frequency pure sine wave power inverter (48V/8KVA and 10KVA type) as well as hybrid solar inverter. These newly-designed products perfectly satisfied customers' needs, and more economic benefit is expectable for our agents.