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Application Fields
Applications: Railway, agriculture, transportation system, industrial plant, underground sidewalk, underground parking garage and other places.
Applications: Motor, IT industry, computer equipment, electronic product and household appliance manufacturing industry, etc.
Power Inverter
Applications: Wind/solar power generation plant, computer, television, refrigerator, lighting system, air conditioner and other household appliances.
Applications: Industrial plant, national defense industry, network server, data storage device, etc.
Storage Battery
Application: Backup power supply for electric energy storage and automatic control in wind/solar power generation systems.
Motor Soft Starter
Applications: Start up, frequency adjustment and speed regulation for motors.
Wind Power System
Applications: Military project, outdoor expedition, tourism industry, garden lamp, landscape lighting, hybrid wind-solar street lamp and others.
Solar Power System
Applications: Industrial lighting, scientific research, underground sidewalk, solar street lamp, underground parking lot.
Low-voltage Electrical Component
Applications: Motor, industrial equipment, transportation system, scientific research, household lighting system and information technology industry.
Energy Saving Lighting
Applications: House, school, square, road, industrial plant, etc.