1. Quality and Price
For raw materials, we have complete purchasing channels, and these suppliers, with average production turnover of 100 million to 1 billion CNY, could provide qualified raw materials for us, thereby guaranteeing our product quality. At the same time, we have established stable relationship with our suppliers through long-term cooperation, so we could purchase these high quality materials at relatively low price, which results in the competitive price of our products.

On the other hand, we cooperate with our business partners worldwide to ensure our product quality. Aside from heavy buyers, we are also willing to provide individuals and small companies with our high quality products at competitive price, and the delivery time is very short.

We invest in researching new products and technologies continuously to become a leading supplier of power and energy solutions, and we are trying to cut down the cost and share profits with customers.

2. What can we do for our exclusive agents?
a. For our exclusive agents, our products are offered at the lowest price, which is meaningful for both agents and end users.

b. We can supply enough spare parts for after-sales service, thus satisfying end users' needs which will promote sales in return.

c. The training course gave in our factory will tell how to replace components and how to repair our products.

d. Basic advertisement is supplied, including soft catalogues and hard copies.

e. The exclusive agent's name and address will be listed on our website ( Our website has great influence over the world, and many people will browse it every day.

f. If some potential customers contact us for more information and they are within the coverage area of one of our exclusive agents, we will give the potential customers' information to the agent as soon as possible.