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    1. Low Frequency Power Inverter with ChargerIt is a universal product that is suitable for various kinds of inductive, capacitive and resistive loads, making it applicable for televisions, refrigerators, computers, electric fans, air conditioners, cash registers, washing machines, electric tools, water pumps, microwave ovens, incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps, etc. Meanwhile, it also shows good stability, pure sine wave output and excellent overload capability.
    1. Industrial Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with ChargerThe three-step charging technology divides charge profile in three phases which are bulk charge, absorption charge and float charge, thereby enhancing battery performance to a large extent. Two working modes which are battery mode and mains supply mode, could be switched automatically.
    1. Electrical Specialized Power InverterThe SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology is used to output pure sine wave with stable frequency, stable voltage, low noise and low harmonic distortion. Our electrical specialized power inverter possesses good load capacity and excellent load compatibility, while the built-in bypass switch ensures more stable and continuous power supply.
    1. Telecommunication Specialized Power InverterThe especially designed battery charging system is responsible for voltage protection, including overvoltage and low voltage protections. Aside from this, overload protection and short circuit protection are also achieved.
    1. High Frequency In-car Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter with/without ChargerThis product is commonly used in cars, and it shows the advantage of convenient use, stable performance as well as high inversion efficiency. So, a lot of electrical appliances could be connected to the AC output end, thereby greatly facilitating your life even when driving a car.
    1. High Frequency In-car Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with/without ChargerThis product allows easy operation as well as stable performance, and its inversion efficiency is as high as 90%. The pure sine wave output makes it suitable for different situations, while the security isolation between input and output greatly improves operation safety. In addition, digital signal processing technique is also applied.
    1. High Frequency Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter with Charger for Home UseDue to the modified sine wave output, widened load capacity, fully CPU control and automatic intelligent switch, this device perfectly protects computers, servers and other equipment from restarting when mains supply fails, and the soft start function avoids damage to this product and corresponding loads even when heavy loads are connected during start up process.
    1. Offline UPS / Standby UPS / Battery Backup UPSOur product is able to provide stable power with a wide range of input, and the voltage and frequency input ranges are 140VAC-280VAC and 45Hz-55Hz, respectively. Moreover, it is compatible with generators.
    1. High Frequency Online UPSThe online double conversion method is able to support the protected equipment with continuous green power supply, and this method refers to accepting AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the rechargeable battery, then inverting back to AC output. Thus, the key electrical appliances will not be affected by power failure, instable voltage, frequency variation, harmonic distortion and other anomalies.
    1. High Frequency Rack-mounted Online UPSIn fact, it is usually used in computer room and precise power distribution center of weather information collecting centers owing to the rack-mounted design, CPU control technology and parallel redundancy network, thus allowing fast and flexible configuration.
    1. Low Frequency Online UPSOur product use advanced digital circuit to replace traditional analog circuit, realizing a great breakthrough in this field. With the help of this digital circuit, the MCU and CPLD could execute circuitry control, parameter setting and operation management in a perfect way, while the self-checking function is also beyond expectation.
    1. Electrical Specialized UPSAdvanced online double conversion technology is applied, and input isolation transformer and output isolation transformer are both equipped. Moreover, complete electric isolation is realized between any two of the three which are mains supply, DC power and load end, while various protection functions, including overvoltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and more, are available for the purpose of safe running.
    1. Relay Control Analogue Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer/Voltage RegulatorThis product integrates many outstanding functions together, such as delay output, overvoltage protection, auto switch between mains supply and regulated voltage, making it the perfect choice for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, lighting systems and other high end household appliances.
    1. Relay Control Digital Single Phase Voltage StabilizerThis device contains different models, and all of them are provided with complete protections including overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, delay output protection, temperature protection and fault protection. These functions make our product work in a more reliable way. In addition, the overvoltage, under voltage and delay time protections could be adjusted by user.
    1. Socket Type Relay Control Single Phase Voltage StabilizerAs the name implies, this product is socket type, and this design makes it possible for users to connect several loads at the same time without using extra power socket, thus cutting down energy loss. The socket type voltage stabilizer is able to deliver safer and more reliable performance due to its diverse functions, such as overvoltage protection ...
    1. Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerOur product is characterized by beautiful appearance, distortionless waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance, etc. Furthermore, it is capable of long-time running, and direct mains supply access is also available if the mains supply is qualified.
    1. Digital Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerIt could automatically display delay time, output voltage, protection status and other information, while delay protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, automatic alarm function are all achieved.
    1. LCD Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerThe LCD screen with blue backlight is capable of dynamic display, and it could reveal the present working status. When our product is under unusual condition, relevant messages will be shown on the LCD, and audible alarm with short or long beep will be delivered.
    1. Wall-Mounted Single Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerCompared with SVC series, this product shows better quality, improved function as well as more stylish appearance, and the wall-mounted design saves a lot of space. The control system is built up by large-scale linear circuit and logic circuit, and it is used to make the servo motor drive contact type autotransformer.
    1. Single Phase Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage StabilizerThis product fits for a wide range of loads, and transient overload is acceptable. Meanwhile, it could work continuously for quite a long time, and diverse protections are also achieved. Aside from the above, this device is also famous for its small size, light weight, easy use, convenient installation, reliable performance, free switch between manual mode and automatic mode, etc.
    1. Three Phase Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage Stabilizer In contrast to other types, this device possesses higher efficiency, larger capacity, no waveform distortion, balanced voltage regulation and other advantages. It is also characterized by small size, light weight, reliable running, convenient installation, free switch between manual mode and automatic mode, etc.
    1. Three Phase Split Phase Regulating Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage StabilizerFor mines, tunnels and other special working sites, some factors must be taken into account when selecting voltage stabilizer, such as long wire length, big voltage drop, etc. Hence, when making orders, customers should provide us with wire length, wire sectional area, transformer capacity, maximum load current and other necessary information.
    1. Step-Up & Down TransformerOur product possesses some outstanding properties, such as no waveform distortion, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, convenient use, long-term running, etc. With the help of this device, all the electrical equipment could work safely at rated power.
    1. 7-Stage High Frequency Intelligent Battery ChargerThe 7-stage charging is a very comprehensive and accurate charging technique that gives the battery longer life and better performance when compared to using traditional chargers. This product is applicable for most types of battery including GEL, Calcium and Lead-Acid, and it can also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.
    1. 3-Stage High Frequency Battery ChargerThis product allows wide input voltage range, and the charge current won’t be affected by the fluctuation of mains supply. Moreover, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, over current protection, overheating protection are all realized to keep our product from serious damages, and reverse polarity protection is optional.
    1. 6V/12V/24V/36V/48V Low Frequency Battery ChargerThe input voltage is 220VAC or 110VAC with frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, and a switch for output selection (6V/12V or 12V/24V) is equipped. On the other hand, the over current protection is achieved, and our product could work under high-speed or low-speed charge mode.
    1. SLA(Sealed Lead Acid) MF(Maintenance Free) Storage Battery for UPS Backup SystemThe advanced AGM separator could hold electrolyte to a large extent, leaving no flowable liquid inside. Meanwhile, there is no gas emitting problem since the gas is smoothly absorbed at the negative plate. Thus, ventilation is not required, and our product can be installed anywhere.
    1. Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Storage BatteryAll the electrolyte is held in the glass mat (woven by very thin glass fibers) as well as positive and negative plates. So, there is no flowable acid inside. The gas evolved during overcharge procedure will recombine with oxygen, thus avoiding the occurrence of corrosive gas.
    1. Deep Cycle Maintenance Free GEL BatteryThe specially designed plate shows ultra high porosity, and the radial shaped plate grid adopts tight assembling technique, guaranteeing excellent high rate discharge performance. Due to the ultra thin glass fiber technology, the gas recombination rate is over 99%, and the internal resistance is very low.
    1. Dry Charged Car BatteryIt consists of positive plate, negative plate, separator, electrolyte, terminal, case and other parts, and the plate grid is manufactured by lead-antimony alloy. The discharge process is actually a result of the chemical reaction between active materials on the positive and negative plates, and this reaction is carried out in the electrolyte, i.e. dilute sulfuric acid solution.
    1. Maintenance Free Car BatteryWhen starting automotive engines, our product offers a strong starting current which could reach up to 200A-600A. If the generator is overloaded, this device will assist the generator to provide power for relevant equipment that is in need of electricity.
    1. Solar PanelThe solar panel is such a universal device that it could be seen in almost every field, such as transportation, communication, satellite, spacecraft, petroleum industry, household lamp, solar building, solar vehicle, solar energy system, battery charging device, photovoltaic power station, solar energy space station, etc.
    1. PV Combiner BoxThe high DC voltage lightning protection device is applied to protect both positive and negative poles from being damaged by lightning, and it could be customized to best suit your needs. The professional DC high voltage circuit breaker offers safe and reliable performance, and the withstand voltage is 1000VDC or higher.
    1. Solar Charge ControllerThis product is a data collection and monitoring system with high speed CPU and high precision ADC (analog-to-digital converter). It monitors the working status of PV station in a fast and real-time way, and it could also store detailed historical data, thus offering accurate and adequate reference when evaluating the rationality of the PV system and detecting the reliability of the components.
    1. Hybrid Solar InverterOur product integrates DC-to-AC conversion, solar and mains supply charge/discharge control together. It adopts power frequency circuit design, and the output waveform is pure sine wave. Moreover, it can stand the inrush current when starting up inductive loads.
    1. DC Solar Power SystemIt is designed to convert solar energy into electric energy, and the electric energy is stored in the storage battery. As a result, stable DC power supply will be provided to power DC loads when needed, and the output voltage is 12V or 24V.
    1. AC Solar Power SystemThe solar power system consists of solar panel, solar charge controller, storage battery and inverter. It is used to provide electricity for people who lived in villages or remote areas without electricity, such as plateau, island, villa, pasturing area, frontier sentry, etc.
    1. Solar Street Lighting SystemAs mentioned before, our product relies on solar energy rather than electricity, so the operation cost is almost zero. Moreover, the entire system is automatically controlled, and the maintenance cost is nearly negligible.
    1. General Variable Frequency DriveThe product adopts the SVC current vector control mode, and is optional with V/F control mode. It is configured flexibly with multi-node setting for V/F curve. The equipment is also avilable with motor parameters static self-turning function. It is outfitted with the multifunctional programmable input port, allowing for programming relay output.
    1. Vector Control Variable Frequency DriveThis product supports online monitoring and adjustment on multiple parameters. With affluent, flexible input and output interfaces and multiple controls, the product can be combined with diversified equipment in the operation, such as PLC, industrial personal computer or instrument.
    1. Motor Soft StarterThe starting torque, current, voltage and time can be set flexibly according to different load conditions, and the 16-digit SCM realizes full digital automatic control. Meanwhile, our product could identify phase sequence, and the soft stop time is adjustable.
    1. AC Energy Saving LampsThe fluorescent powder also contains three choices which are halogen powder, mixed powder and tri-phosphor powder. Lamps using halogen powder and mixed powder have a life span of 3000-4000 hours and 4000-6000 hours respectively, while ones with tri-phosphor powder are expected to serve for more than 8000 hours.
    1. DC Energy Saving LampsThe over temperature protection means that if the internal temperature is too high, especially when our product works under extremely harsh conditions, the over temperature protection circuit will temporarily cut off the power supply, thus avoiding damaging our product. In this way, its service life is effectively prolonged.
    1. LED Emergency Light
    1. LED Flood Light/Spot Light/Tunnel Light
  • Low-voltage Electrical ComponentAs the basic part for a complete set of electrical equipment, the low-voltage electrical component is classified into electricity distribution type and control type. For agriculture, industry, transportation, national defense and residential applications, low-voltage power supply is the most commonly used category for power transmission.