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DC Energy Saving Lamps

The DC energy saving lamp is developed on the basis of AC type, and it is commonly seen in houses, offices, hotels, shopping centers, industrial plants and other places that are involved in solar power generation.

1. This is a zero release, pollution free and environmentally friendly green lighting device, and it could be installed independently to save the operation cost of power supply system, while the original power capacity doesn't need to be increased.

2. This product possesses remarkable energy saving effect, and users don't need to pay the expense on electricity. Thus, users could expect long-term benefit only on the cost of the initial investment.

3. The high quality 12V DC energy saving lamp could be applied in 12V storage battery system or solar energy system, and it could offer highly luminous lighting effect with low power consumption. Its average life reaches up to 8000 hours or even longer, and the DC preheating circuit which is responsible for start-up process ensures a switch cycle of 500,000 times.

4. The over temperature protection means that if the internal temperature is too high, especially when our product works under extremely harsh conditions, the over temperature protection circuit will temporarily cut off the power supply, thus avoiding damaging our product. In this way, its service life is effectively prolonged. Meanwhile, our product has little interference on radios and other electrical appliances, and its color temperature contains two choices including warm color (W) and cool color (C).

5. The DC energy saving lamp allows convenient installation which means that both ditching and corresponding wire laying procedures are not necessary, thereby reducing the construction cost. This makes our product especially suitable for places without electricity and hard to carry out constructions, such as mountain areas.

6. Aside from the above, our product also shows the advantages of automatic control, simple maintenance, reliable performance and long life span.

Technical Parameters
Model 3W 5W 7W 9W 11W
Operating voltage range 11-15V 11-15V 11-15V 11-15V 11-15V
Rated power 3W 5W 7W 9W 11W
Rated current 240mA 400mA 560mA 720mA 960mA
Luminance 100lm(W)
Color temperature 2700K(W), 6400K(C)
Ambient temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Lamp base E27

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