1. General Variable Frequency DriveThe product adopts the SVC current vector control mode, and is optional with V/F control mode. It is configured flexibly with multi-node setting for V/F curve. The equipment is also avilable with motor parameters static self-turning function. It is outfitted with the multifunctional programmable input port, allowing for programming relay output.
    1. Vector Control Variable Frequency DriveThis product supports online monitoring and adjustment on multiple parameters. With affluent, flexible input and output interfaces and multiple controls, the product can be combined with diversified equipment in the operation, such as PLC, industrial personal computer or instrument.
    1. Motor Soft StarterThe starting torque, current, voltage and time can be set flexibly according to different load conditions, and the 16-digit SCM realizes full digital automatic control. Meanwhile, our product could identify phase sequence, and the soft stop time is adjustable.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Motor Soft Starter

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