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PV Combiner Box

Brief Introduction
In a photovoltaic power generation system, the PV combiner box is used to reduce wires needed to connect the inverter and the array of solar modules. Users could place a fixed number of photovoltaic cells that have the same specification together in series connection, forming a PV string, and several PV strings should be parallel connected to our product. Then, the multiple DC inputs coming from the panel terminations are converted into one DC output, and a DC circuit breaker is also installed. In addition, this device could work with PV inverter to build up a complete PV system.

1. The high DC voltage lightning protection device is applied to protect both positive and negative poles from being damaged by lightning, and it could be customized to best suit your needs.
2. The professional DC high voltage circuit breaker offers safe and reliable performance, and the withstand voltage is 1000VDC or higher.
3. The indicator will reveal the working status, thereby facilitating your work.
4. A two-stage safety protection system is built up by circuit breaker and DC fuse.
5. Our PV combiner box has a protection level of IP65, so and it is resistant to wind and rain, making it fit for outdoor installation. Moreover, the installation and maintenance are quite simple, and the service life is very long.

Technical Parameters
Max. strings 4 6 8 10 12 16
Max. current of each string 10A/15A/20A
Standard configuration DC output circuit breaker, fuse module, lighting protection module,
Optional components current monitor for each PV string, communication port
Packing size 350×280×180 600×280×180
Net weight 10 12 14 16 22 28

Other Parameters
1. PV voltage range: 200VDC-1000VDC
2. Output connection: PG21
3. Ambient temperature: -45℃~75℃
4. Relative humidity: 0~99%

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