1. 7-Stage High Frequency Intelligent Battery ChargerThe 7-stage charging is a very comprehensive and accurate charging technique that gives the battery longer life and better performance when compared to using traditional chargers. This product is applicable for most types of battery including GEL, Calcium and Lead-Acid, and it can also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.
    1. 3-Stage High Frequency Battery ChargerThis product allows wide input voltage range, and the charge current won’t be affected by the fluctuation of mains supply. Moreover, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, over current protection, overheating protection are all realized to keep our product from serious damages, and reverse polarity protection is optional.
    1. 6V/12V/24V/36V/48V Low Frequency Battery ChargerThe input voltage is 220VAC or 110VAC with frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, and a switch for output selection (6V/12V or 12V/24V) is equipped. On the other hand, the over current protection is achieved, and our product could work under high-speed or low-speed charge mode.

Battery Charger (BCR)

An battery charger is an electronic device used to put energy into rechargeable battery that is equipped for laptops, electric tools, digital products, electrical appliances, small portable electronic equipment or other products. It usually consists of shell, power conversion part, charge detection part, charge protection part as well as others, and its output is pure DC or pulsed DC.

1. According to connection method, it could be divided into wall plug type and desktop type.
2. Depending on the battery being charged, it contains nickel-cadmium battery type, nickel-metal hydride battery type, nickel-zinc battery type, lead-acid battery type, lithium-ion battery type and many others.
3. Divided by its functions, it covers universal type and specialized type.

How to select?
Usually, user should determine the charger's type, protection method, output voltage and current according to the type and voltage of the battery that is going to be charged. Then, select one that is in accordance with the mains supply. In addition, intelligent battery charger is highly recommended due to its remarkable performance.

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