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7-Stage High Frequency Intelligent Battery Charger

As the name implies, this 7-stage high frequency intelligent battery charger is a fully automatic battery charger with 7 charge stages, and the overcharge protection makes it suitable for unattended charge process.

The 7-stage charging is a very comprehensive and accurate charging technique that gives the battery longer life and better performance when compared to using traditional chargers. This product is applicable for most types of battery including GEL, Calcium and Lead-Acid, and it can also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.

Charge Process
For this intelligent battery charger, the 7 charge stages are desulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, recondition and float. The following paragraphs briefly introduce functions of each stage.

1. Desulphation
The desulphation stage is designed to break down sulphation occurring in batteries that have been left flat for extended periods of time, returning them back to full charge. In addition, sulphation occurs when lead-sulphate hardens and clogs up the battery cells.

2. Soft Start
The soft start is a preliminary charge process that gently introduces power to the battery, well protecting the battery and increasing battery life.

3. Bulk (Constant Current)
The bulk stage charges the battery at the maximum rate (constant current), thereby delivering a great deal of energy into the battery within a short period of time. During this stage, the battery will be 80% charged or so, until the voltage reaches 14.4V (for 12V intelligent battery charger) or 28.8V (for 24V intelligent battery charger).

4. Absorption (Constant Voltage)
During absorption process, the charge rate is lowered, allowing the battery to absorb more power to be 100% charged. The voltage is maintained at a constant value, namely 14.4V or 28.8V, while the current is reduced gradually until no more power could be absorbed.

5. Analysis
When absorption is finished, an analysis will be carried out immediately to test the battery automatically, and the 90-second-long test is used to make sure if the voltage has reached desired value.

6. Recondition
Under the condition that the battery fails the test in Stage 5 which means that the battery is not fully charged, the reconditioning function is initiated automatically to charge the battery at a relative low but constant current for 4 hours. This function could recover the battery from deeply discharged state, and battery performance and service life are both improved. Then, the charging cycle moves to the final stage.

7. Float
The float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery. So, our intelligent battery charger could be connected to the battery for a long time, truly realizing unattended service.

Technical Parameters
Model VCA-1205 VCA-1207 VCA-1210 VCA-1212 VCA-1215 VCA-1220 VCA-2405 VCA-2410
Input voltage 220-240V~50Hz, 110V~60Hz
Input power 154W 215W 307W 332W 415W 554W 296W 547W
Output voltage and current 12V, 5A 12V, 7A 12V, 10A 12V, 12A 12V, 15A 12V, 20A 24V, 5A 24V, 10A
Min. start voltage 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V 4V 4V
Current fuse rating 250V T3.15A 250V T5A
Desulphation Pulse charge up to 11V Pulse charge up to 22V
Bulk Up to 14.4V Up to 28.8V
Soft start Half the rated current up to 12V Half the rated current up to 24V
Absorption Constant voltage until current drops to 0.75A Constant voltage until current drops to 1.05A Constant voltage until current drops to 1.5A Constant voltage until current drops to 1.8A Constant voltage until current drops to 2.25A Constant voltage until current drops to 3A Constant voltage until current drops to 0.75A Constant voltage until current drops to 1.5A
Battery analysis Monitors battery voltage for 90 seconds
Recondition Constant current up to 16V for 4hours Constant current up to 32V for 4hours
Float 13.8V with pulse feature 27.6V with pulse feature
Efficiency 85%
Short protection Short circuit protection
Polarity reverse Polarity reverse circuit protection
Non battery link protection Circuit protection
Link battery type mistake Circuit protection
Over voltage protection 17.5V 35V
Thermal protection 65±5°C
Cooling fan Automatic temperature controlled
Deep cycle 35-100Ah 50-140Ah 70-200Ah 80-240Ah 100-300Ah 134-400Ah 35-100Ah 70-200Ah
Type of battery Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM
Product size 190×115×62mm 215×115×62mm
Net weight 0.95kg 1.0kg 1.05kg 1.15kg 1.2kg 1.4kg 1.15kg 1.4kg
Packing size and load quantity 300×275×350mm, 10pcs/carton 330×300×350mm, 10pcs/carton 305×300×350, 10pcs/carton
Gross weight 12kg 13kg 13.5kg 14kg 13kg 14kg

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