1. Relay Control Analogue Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer/Voltage RegulatorThis product integrates many outstanding functions together, such as delay output, overvoltage protection, auto switch between mains supply and regulated voltage, making it the perfect choice for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, lighting systems and other high end household appliances.
    1. Relay Control Digital Single Phase Voltage StabilizerThis device contains different models, and all of them are provided with complete protections including overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, delay output protection, temperature protection and fault protection. These functions make our product work in a more reliable way. In addition, the overvoltage, under voltage and delay time protections could be adjusted by user.
    1. Socket Type Relay Control Single Phase Voltage StabilizerAs the name implies, this product is socket type, and this design makes it possible for users to connect several loads at the same time without using extra power socket, thus cutting down energy loss. The socket type voltage stabilizer is able to deliver safer and more reliable performance due to its diverse functions, such as overvoltage protection ...
    1. Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerOur product is characterized by beautiful appearance, distortionless waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance, etc. Furthermore, it is capable of long-time running, and direct mains supply access is also available if the mains supply is qualified.
    1. Digital Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerIt could automatically display delay time, output voltage, protection status and other information, while delay protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, automatic alarm function are all achieved.
    1. LCD Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerThe LCD screen with blue backlight is capable of dynamic display, and it could reveal the present working status. When our product is under unusual condition, relevant messages will be shown on the LCD, and audible alarm with short or long beep will be delivered.
    1. Wall-Mounted Single Phase Servo Voltage StabilizerCompared with SVC series, this product shows better quality, improved function as well as more stylish appearance, and the wall-mounted design saves a lot of space. The control system is built up by large-scale linear circuit and logic circuit, and it is used to make the servo motor drive contact type autotransformer.
    1. Single Phase Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage StabilizerThis product fits for a wide range of loads, and transient overload is acceptable. Meanwhile, it could work continuously for quite a long time, and diverse protections are also achieved. Aside from the above, this device is also famous for its small size, light weight, easy use, convenient installation, reliable performance, free switch between manual mode and automatic mode, etc.
    1. Three Phase Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage Stabilizer In contrast to other types, this device possesses higher efficiency, larger capacity, no waveform distortion, balanced voltage regulation and other advantages. It is also characterized by small size, light weight, reliable running, convenient installation, free switch between manual mode and automatic mode, etc.
    1. Three Phase Split Phase Regulating Full-Automatic Compensated Voltage StabilizerFor mines, tunnels and other special working sites, some factors must be taken into account when selecting voltage stabilizer, such as long wire length, big voltage drop, etc. Hence, when making orders, customers should provide us with wire length, wire sectional area, transformer capacity, maximum load current and other necessary information.
    1. Step-Up & Down TransformerOur product possesses some outstanding properties, such as no waveform distortion, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, convenient use, long-term running, etc. With the help of this device, all the electrical equipment could work safely at rated power.

AC Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) & Transformer

As a professional electric company, we could provide customers with different kinds of AC automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and transformers.

Automatic Voltage Regulator
It is a power unit designed to automatically adjust the output voltage. Technically speaking, it can stabilize supply voltage with big fluctuation or other problems that make the power supply not applicable for electrical equipment within the predetermined voltage range, thereby the connected circuits and electrical appliances could work normally at rated voltage.

AVR contains large power type and small power type. The large power type has a power of tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts, and it is suitable for large experimental equipment. The small power type, with a power range of several watts to several kilowatts, is mainly used to supply high quality power for small laboratories or household appliances.

How to choose a proper AVR?
Some customers may find it is not easy to select an AVR that best fits their needs, here is some advice to help you out.

For an AVR, the active power (KW) that it actually outputs equals to the product of its capacity (KVA) and power factor (cosφ). Thus, the power factor, load type, rated power of target equipment and other factors must be taken into consideration during selection. Moreover, proper margin should be prepared for the output power, and it is relatively higher if the connected equipment is impact load type.

Our step-up and down transformers could convert different voltages in power grid into universal voltage, thus offering reliable power supply for electrical appliances.

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