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Digital Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The SVC-E series digital single/three phase servo voltage stabilizer is a high quality product adopting digital display technology. It could automatically display delay time, output voltage, protection status and other information, while delay protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, automatic alarm function are all achieved. In addition to these properties, for models with capacity of 2KVA or higher, direct mains supply access is also available.

Technical Parameters
Input voltage Single phase: 160V-250V
Output voltage 0.5KVA-3KVA: 220V, 110V (single phase)
5KVA-30KVA: 220V (single phase)
Voltage stabilization accuracy 220V±3%, 110V±6%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Adjust time < 1 second (when input voltage changes by 10%)
Efficiency > 90%
Overvoltage protection 246±4V
Long/short delay time 5±2 minutes / 5±2 seconds
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity < 95%
Temperature rise < 60℃
Waveform distortion No additional distortion
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 1500V/min
Insulation resistance >5MΩ
Model Product size (D×W×H, mm) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Load quantity per carton (pcs)
SVC-E500VA 170×190×130 440×250×350 4
SVC-E1000VA 200×220×160 500×280×400 4
SVC-E1500VA 200×220×160 500×280×400 4
SVC-E2000VA 260×240×190 340×320×500 2
SVC-E3000VA 290×220×240 620×380×340 2
SVC-E5000VA (vertical type) 290×240×400 310×290×480 1
SVC-E8000VA (vertical type) 290×240×420 400×350×520 1
SVC-E10kVA (vertical type) 290×240×420 400×350×520 1
SVC-E15kVA 400×330×650 520×450×740 1
SVC-E20kVA 400×330×650 520×450×740 1
SVC-E30kVA 530×430×1020 640×530×1120 1

Note: The three phase SVC-E series servo voltage stabilizer has the same product size and packing size as SVC series.

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