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Single/Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The SVC series single/three phase servo voltage stabilizer is mainly composed of contact type autotransformer, servo motor and automatic control circuit. When supply voltage fluctuates or load condition changes, the automatic sampling control circuit will send signals to drive the servo motor to adjust the position of carbon brush, thus the final output voltage is maintained at the rated value constantly.

1. This is a common type product, and it could be manufactured in various models and specifications.

2. Our product is characterized by beautiful appearance, distortionless waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance, etc. Furthermore, it is capable of long-time running, and direct mains supply access is also available if the mains supply is qualified.

3. Overvoltage protection and short-time delay output are realized, while under voltage protection and long-time delay output function could be provided according to customer's needs.

This servo voltage stabilizer is an ideal product to offer stable power supply for electrical appliances, and it fits for office facility, test equipment, medical equipment, household appliance, lighting system, communication system, industrial automation device and any other places that need electricity.

Technical Parameters
Input voltage Single phase: 160V-250V (wider voltage ranges are acceptable upon request)
Three phase: 277-430V (three-phase four-wire system)
Output voltage Single phase: 220V/110V (for 0.5KVA-3KVA), or 220V (for 5KVA-30KVA)
Three phase: 380V (line voltage) / 220V (phase voltage)
Voltage stabilization accuracy Phase voltage: 220V±3%, 110V±6%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Overvoltage protection 246±4V
Adjust time <1 second (when input voltage changes by 10%)
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Temperature rise <60℃
Waveform distortion No additional distortion
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 1500V/1min
Insulation resistance Single phase: >5MΩ
Three phase: >2MΩ
Type Model (KVA) Product size (D×W×H, mm) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Load quantity per carton (pcs) Type Model (KVA) Product size (D×W×H, mm) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Load quantity per carton (pcs)
Single phase
(desk type)
SVC-0.5 190×180×30 250×440×350 4 Single phase (vertical type) SVC-5.0 300×240×430 310×290×480 1
SVC-1.0 220×210×160 280×500×400 4 SVC-8.0 300×250×450 400×370×560 1
SVC-1.5 220×210×160 280×500×400 4 SVC-10 300×250×450 400×370×560 1
SVC-2.0 270×240×200 340×300×500 2 SVC-15 410×330×650 520×450×760 1
SVC-3.0 300×220×250 620×380×350 2 SVC-20 410×330×650 520×450×760 1
SVC-5.0 470×240×190 540×320×270 1 SVC-30 430×430×1020 660×560×1120 1
SVC-8.0 580×270×240 690×400×370 1 SVC-45 530×430×1020 660×560×1120 1
SVC-10 580×270×240 690×400×370 1 SVC-60 790×430×1360 900×650×140 1
Three phase SVC-1.5 400×360×170 520×480×280 1 Three phase SVC-20 430×510×910 640×550×1060 1
SVC-3.0 420×380×190 540×500×310 1 SVC-30 430×510×910 640×550×1060 1
SVC-4.5 420×380×190 540×500×310 1 SVC-45 650×130×950 780×550×1100 1
SVC-6.0 370×280×680 480×400×780 SVC-60 650×430×950 780×5500×1100 1
SVC-9.0 350×330×780 480×450×900 1
SVC-15 430×380×730 550×510×900 1

1. This servo voltage stabilizer is only for indoor use, and please use it under regular condition.
2. The three phase type fits for three-phase four-wire system, and it should not work if neutral wire is not connected, otherwise it may be damaged.
3. In order to ensure normal voltage/current output as well as to reduce power loss, the sectional area of input and output wires should be at proper values. Under most cases, the sectional area for copper wire is 5A/mm2, while the value is 2.5A/mm2 for aluminum wire.

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