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Socket Type Relay Control Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer

The PRDUR series socket type relay control single phase voltage stabilizer is developed on the basis of CPU control technology to realize stable performance with high efficiency. The CPU automatically controls and adjusts the relay to output high precision voltage, and the voltage is revealed on the digital display. Additionally, the product body is manufactured by ABS.

1. As the name implies, this product is socket type, and this design makes it possible for users to connect several loads at the same time without using extra power socket, thus cutting down energy loss.

2. The socket type voltage stabilizer is able to deliver safer and more reliable performance due to its diverse functions, such as overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, fault protection, delay output protection (delay time adjustable), auto switch between mains supply and regulated voltage, etc.

3. The leading-edge automatic controller makes use of double sampling, double stabilizing time base circuit to build up time delay circuit.

4. Apart from these, our product is also featured by small size, light weight, delicate look, rational structure, convenient use, sensitive action, accurate timing, safe and energy saving performance, wide input voltage range and many more.

This socket type voltage stabilizer is commonly used for refrigerators, televisions, lighting systems and other home-use and office-use appliances.

Technical Parameters
1. Input voltage range: AC 150V-250V (140V-290V and 82V-137V could be customized)
2. Output voltage range: AC 220V±7%, 110V±10%
3. Frequency: 50/60Hz
4. Overvoltage protection point: 250±2V
5. Efficiency: >95%
6. Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃
7. Relative humidity: <95%
8. Temperature rise: <100℃ (at full load)
9. Power factor: 0.5
10. Dielectric strength: 1500V/min
11. Insulation resistance: >5MΩ
12. Short/long delay time: 3 seconds / 3 minutes

Model Load quantity per carton (pcs) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Gross weight (kg) Model Load quantity per carton (pcs) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Gross weight (kg)
PRDUR-500VA 9 500×355×315 15 PRDUR-1200VA 9 500×355×315 21
PRDUR-1000VA 9 500×355×315 18 PRDUR-1500VA 9 500×355×315 26

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