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Relay Control Digital Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer

Brief Introduction
The PRDER series relay control digital single phase voltage stabilizer combines intelligent CPU control technology and other internationally advanced technologies together, and it is characterized by high efficiency, elegant appearance, reliable performance, etc.

This product is especially designed for remote areas where the supply voltage is very low and unstable, and it could provide high quality power for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, lighting systems and other home appliances. Aside from this, it is also suitable for high precision electronic instruments.

1. This digital single phase voltage stabilizer has a wide voltage input range, and it shows the advantages of small size, light weight, easy use, scientific structure, exquisite appearance, sensitive action, stable running, auto switch, precise time delay, safe and power saving performance, etc.

2. Our product is automatically controlled by CPU, and the output voltage shows high precision. The panels are all constructed by ABS, and the data are revealed digitally.

3. This device contains different models, and all of them are provided with complete protections including overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, delay output protection, temperature protection and fault protection. These functions make our product work in a more reliable way. In addition, the overvoltage, under voltage and delay time protections could be adjusted by user.

4. The automatic controller adopts double sampling, double stabilizing time base circuit for the purpose of delay output.

Depending on the properties illustrated above, this digital single phase voltage stabilizer is extremely suitable for computer networks, household appliances, medical equipment, research institutes, testing and measuring equipment, etc.

Technical Parameters
1. Input voltage range: AC 140V-250V (120V-260V and 80V-260V could be customized)
2. Output voltage range: AC 220V±5%
3. Frequency: 50/60Hz
4. Overvoltage protection point: 250±2V
5. Efficiency: >95%
6. Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃
7. Relative humidity: <95%
8. Temperature rise: <100℃ (at full load)
9. Power factor: 0.8
10. Dielectric strength: 1500V/min
11. Insulation resistance: >5MΩ
12. Short/long delay time: 3 seconds / 3 minutes

Model Product size (D×W×H, mm) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Load quantity per carton (pcs) Gross weight (kg) Model Product size (D×W×H, mm) Packing size (D×W×H, mm) Load quantity per carton (pcs) Gross weight (kg)
PRDER-500VA 210×135×170 500×290×365 8 27 PRDER-3000VA 256×156×191 510×415×305 2 22
PRDER-1000VA 242×148×170 335×310×395 4 21 PRDER-5000VA 340×217×234 510×415×305 2 31
PRDER-1500VA 242×148×170 335×310×395 4 23 PRDER-8000VA 415×220×245 475×268×290 1 15
PRDER-2000VA 242×148×170 335×310×395 2 27 PRDER-10KVA 415×220×245 475×268×290 1 18

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