1. Offline UPS / Standby UPS / Battery Backup UPSOur product is able to provide stable power with a wide range of input, and the voltage and frequency input ranges are 140VAC-280VAC and 45Hz-55Hz, respectively. Moreover, it is compatible with generators.
    1. High Frequency Online UPSThe online double conversion method is able to support the protected equipment with continuous green power supply, and this method refers to accepting AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the rechargeable battery, then inverting back to AC output. Thus, the key electrical appliances will not be affected by power failure, instable voltage, frequency variation, harmonic distortion and other anomalies.
    1. High Frequency Rack-mounted Online UPSIn fact, it is usually used in computer room and precise power distribution center of weather information collecting centers owing to the rack-mounted design, CPU control technology and parallel redundancy network, thus allowing fast and flexible configuration.
    1. Low Frequency Online UPSOur product use advanced digital circuit to replace traditional analog circuit, realizing a great breakthrough in this field. With the help of this digital circuit, the MCU and CPLD could execute circuitry control, parameter setting and operation management in a perfect way, while the self-checking function is also beyond expectation.
    1. Electrical Specialized UPSAdvanced online double conversion technology is applied, and input isolation transformer and output isolation transformer are both equipped. Moreover, complete electric isolation is realized between any two of the three which are mains supply, DC power and load end, while various protection functions, including overvoltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and more, are available for the purpose of safe running.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

What is a UPS?
UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, and it comes into being as a result of the fast development of computer and telecommunication equipment. It is a piece of important peripheral equipment for electronic information system, and it takes advantage of an inverter, an energy storage device and other components to offer continuous power supply with stable voltage and frequency.

Technically speaking, we can describe what a UPS is in three aspects as listed below.
1. Theory: A UPS is a power electronic device that integrates digital circuit, analog circuit, automatically controlled inverter and maintenance free energy storage device together.
2. Function: A UPS could effectively correct utility power problems if there are any, and it can provide emergency power to computers or other loads for a continuous time period when the mains supply fails, allowing the user to deal with current work in no hurry.
3. Application: As required by the information-based society, UPS has been widely used in different stages of data processing, including collection, transfer, storage, application, etc.

Why UPS is commonly used?
UPS units are capable in varying degrees of solving common mains supply problems, such as noise, power failure, voltage spike, sustained overvoltage, low input voltage and others. Thus, they usually work as backup power supply for computers, servers, computer network systems and different kinds of high precision electrical equipment to guarantee their normal working when mains power fails or other problems take place.

This product plays a very important role for computers and many other electrical appliances, and it will become more and more popular in our daily lives.

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