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Offline UPS / Standby UPS / Battery Backup UPS

General Introduction
The PRB-S series offline UPS makes use of CPU control technology to achieve fast and accurate response to power failure and other abnormal situations. The socket with surge protector is able to provide extra protections for laser printer and other special peripheral equipment.

Moreover, this product realizes automatic power on and automatic voltage regulation, and the input voltage may vary within a wide range, making it applicable for complicated conditions.

This standby UPS is universally accepted in enterprise, government, public institution, transportation industry, national defense, scientific research institute, informational and educational industries to protect routers, personal computers, point-of-sale terminals, communication equipment and other industrial control products.

1. Stabilized Voltage Output
This device is especially designed for personal computers, workstations and small communication devices. It combines SMD and CPU control technology together, and it shows the advantage of small size, high performance, high reliability, stabilized voltage output and other functions, thus applicable for different working conditions.

2. Wide Voltage/Frequency Input Range
Our product is able to provide stable power with a wide range of input, and the voltage and frequency input ranges are 140VAC-280VAC and 45Hz-55Hz, respectively. Moreover, it is compatible with generators.

3. Humanized Design
a. The simplified control panel allows easy operation.
b. The ultra-silent design almost generates no noise when working.
c. The surge protection-only outlet effectively protects the connected equipment.
d. The DC start function makes it possible to start up our product without the help of mains supply, greatly facilitating your work.
e. The application of no fuse breaker (NFB) avoids the need of changing fuse when overload protection is activated, and operator just needs to disconnect loads and press NFB.

4. Auto Charging
a. When this offline UPS is connected to mains supply and it is turned off, the battery will be charged automatically.
b. For battery mode, when battery discharges to a low voltage level that activates discharge protection, this product will shut down automatically. Then, when mains supply restores, the battery will be charged automatically. In this way, the battery is well protected to prolong its service life, and the time for recharging process is also reduced.

5. High Reliability
Due to the leading-edge integrated CPU control technology, our product could handle power failure, low voltage, voltage spike, voltage surge, sustained overvoltage, high frequency transient and other anomalies in a more reliable and accurate way, thus offering complete protections to the connected equipment.

6. Intelligent Power Management
The PRB-S series battery backup UPS could be equipped with an optional RS-232 communication interface, and this communication interface can work with management software to realize auto data storage, auto shut down and working status monitoring functions.

7. High Performance
During start up process, our product will automatically simulate power outage to self-check the conditions of inverter, battery and load. This is helpful for extending the service life of both battery and the entire product.

8. High Quality VRLA Battery
The high quality valve-regulated lead-acid battery is able to provide stable and lasting power, thus effectively improving the working reliability of our offline UPS.

Technical Parameters
Model PRB-S500 PRB-S650 PRB-S800 PRB-S1000 PRB-S1200 PRB-S1500 PRB-S2000
Rated capacity 500VA/300W 650VA/390W 800VA/480W 1000VA/600W 1200VA/720W 1500VA/900W 2000VA/1200W
Input Voltage range 140~280VAC
Frequency range (45~55)±1Hz
Output Voltage 220VAC±10% (battery mode)
Frequency 50±1Hz
Battery VDC/Ah×quantity 12V/4.5Ah×1 12V/7.2Ah×1 12V/9.0Ah×1 24V/7.2Ah×2 24V/7.2Ah×2 24V/9.0Ah×2 48V/7.2A h×4
Backup time >15 minutes (for one PC and one 15" monitor) >30 minutes (for one PC and one 15" monitor)
Recharge time <10h
Typical transfer time ≤10ms
Working environment Temperature: 0~40℃
Humidity: 20%~90%
Dimensions (W×D×H, mm) 325×103×140 335×103×152 345×122×190 370×122×190 460×145×210
Net weight (kg) 5 6 6.5 11 12 13 20
Packing size (cm) 34×30×46 40×35×23.5 49×46×30 51×22.5×30.5 57×27×33
Quantity per carton (pcs) 4 2 2 1 1
Gross weight per carton (kg) 22 13 14 23 25 14 21

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