1. Low Frequency Power Inverter with ChargerIt is a universal product that is suitable for various kinds of inductive, capacitive and resistive loads, making it applicable for televisions, refrigerators, computers, electric fans, air conditioners, cash registers, washing machines, electric tools, water pumps, microwave ovens, incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps, etc. Meanwhile, it also shows good stability, pure sine wave output and excellent overload capability.
    1. Industrial Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with ChargerThe three-step charging technology divides charge profile in three phases which are bulk charge, absorption charge and float charge, thereby enhancing battery performance to a large extent. Two working modes which are battery mode and mains supply mode, could be switched automatically.
    1. Electrical Specialized Power InverterThe SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology is used to output pure sine wave with stable frequency, stable voltage, low noise and low harmonic distortion. Our electrical specialized power inverter possesses good load capacity and excellent load compatibility, while the built-in bypass switch ensures more stable and continuous power supply.
    1. Telecommunication Specialized Power InverterThe especially designed battery charging system is responsible for voltage protection, including overvoltage and low voltage protections. Aside from this, overload protection and short circuit protection are also achieved.
    1. High Frequency In-car Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with/without ChargerThis product allows easy operation as well as stable performance, and its inversion efficiency is as high as 90%. The pure sine wave output makes it suitable for different situations, while the security isolation between input and output greatly improves operation safety. In addition, digital signal processing technique is also applied.
    1. High Frequency Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter with Charger for Home UseDue to the modified sine wave output, widened load capacity, fully CPU control and automatic intelligent switch, this device perfectly protects computers, servers and other equipment from restarting when mains supply fails, and the soft start function avoids damage to this product and corresponding loads even when heavy loads are connected during start up process.

Power Inverter (Instant Power Supply, IPS)

A power inverter, or inverter, is an electrical power converter that changes direct current electricity of battery to alternating current electricity with stable voltage and frequency, and the input DC voltage is usually 12V, 24V, 48V or even higher, while the AC output is 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz or other types. The AC output is applicable for various kinds of devices, thus meeting the demands for AC power in different places.

The power inverter is a universal product that is suitable for many fields, such as cars, ships, aircrafts, portable power supply devices, emergency equipment for army, electronic equipment for archaeological studies, solar energy and wind power generation industries, etc. In addition, it could also work with generators to provide environmentally friendly power, effectively saving fuels and reducing noises.

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